Instant Bitumen Cold Mix

Instant Bitumen Cold Mix

Instant Bitumen Cold Mix is a 7mm graded bituminous pre-mixed asphalt which is ready for immediate use.

It is an easy to use and cost-effective product with added benefit of no contractor required.

Where to use Bitumen Coldmix Asphalt

Repairs, Driveways, Trenches, Pot-Holes, Carparks and Footpaths etc.

How to use

  1. Broom base free of dust and debris.
  2. Compact base if required using an Instant Bitumen Hand Compactor or equivalent.
  3. Apply Instant Bitumen Bonding Agent as per in instructions.
  4. Break Instant Bitumen Cold Mix up thoroughly before opening the bag (leave the bag in sun for 20 minutes for easier usage).
  5. Spread with a shovel.
  6. Rake or screed Cold Mix to required level and shape. (For a 25mm compacted depth allow 5mm extra for compaction.)
  7. Compact surface using an Instant Bitumen Hand Compactor for small areas. Wacker plate or roller is recommended for larger areas.

Note: Once compacted the surface can be walked on immediately but should be treated carefully for 24-48 hours until curing is fully completed. The pavement will become progressively harder. The finished surface should be left proud to allow for further compaction.

Note: To achieve maximum compaction of Instant Bitumen Cold Mix compact in layers not greater than 30mm to 40mm thick

Instant Bitumen Cold Mix Spread rate

Instant Bitumen Cold Mix comes in 20kg bags.

One bag will cover approximately one third of a square meter at 25mm compacted depth.