Instant Bitumen Hand Tools

Instant Bitumen Hand Tools are Australian made, using quality materials.

Instant Bitumen Hand Compactor

Our hand compactor is made from lightweight steel which makes them easy to use. They can be used for a multitude of uses such as:

  • Backfilling and trenching before applying base material.
  • Basecourse preparation
  • Instant Bitumen Cold Mix compaction

How to use

Instant Bitumen Hand Compactor is best used by repeatedly, raising and pounding. Whilst using best practice manual handling.

Note: Moisten base material with water and compact in layers of 75mm to 100mm thick

Instant Bitumen Hand Screed / Rake

Instant Bitumen Screed or Rake is a quality made, lightweight, wood and steel instrument.

How to use
  1. Use to spread and form the Instant Bitumen Cold Mix prior to compaction.
  2. Use flat surface to push mounds of Instant Bitumen into position.
  3. Use bevelled edge final shaping.